Determination of Public Need (CON) Ambulance Operating Authority Application

Chasdei Devorah, Inc., dba Ezras Nashim
Application  for Determination of Public Need for a NEW Ambulance Service Oprating Authority in NYC

Public Notice Flyer:  PN_EN CON 10-30-2019


Part 1: Part 1-Ezras Nashim FINAL 10-10-19

Part 2:  Part 2-Ezras Nashim 78-REDACTED FINAL 10-10-19a

Part 3:  Part 3 Ezras Nashim FINAL 10-10-19

Part 4:  Part 4-Ezras Nashim FINAL 10-10-19

Part 5:  Part 5-Ezras Nashim FINAL 10-10-19

Follow this link to view the Public Hearing held on October 30, 2019:

Hearing Officer’s Report:

Transcript Public Hearing:

REMSCO NYC Vote Record 11-19-19

REMSCO NYC November 19, 2019 meeting is posted to our YouTube page at:

Transcript of REMSCO NYC November 19, 2019 meeting