Reporting ePCR Issues to New York State DOH

In the spring of 2019, the New York State Department of Health (DOH) Bureau of EMS  began the process of transitioning all EMS services utilizing electronic patient care reports (ePCRs) to the newest national data set, known as NEMSIS 3.
This new data set greatly increases the amount of data that can be collected and analyzed on the regional, state and national level. With hundreds of EMS services and thousands of providers throughout the state, NYS DOH recognizes that there will be challenges in this endeavor. As such, NYS DOH has released a feedback tool that EMS services and providers may utilize in reporting any issues they encounter when completing their NEMSIS 3, ePCR charts.
Your feedback is important! The NYS DOH understands that during a transition that issues will come up. They may not be aware of issues that come up with different software providers. In reporting these issues you help the NYS DOH and NYC REMSCO address these issues promptly and assist you in completing a chart quickly and accurately.
Use the link below to report any ePCR issues you or your EMS service is encountering.
The staff in the Data and Informatics Unit at NYS DOH will investigate each query and reply to the EMT and/or agency with either a resolution or a response.
Thank you for your feed back and helping us insure data submission flows smoothly.