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Under the auspices of Article Thirty (30) of the New York State Public Health Law, Paramedics must demonstrate understanding of the treatment and transportation protocols of the region and be credentialed by the the Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (REMAC). The NYC REMAC Exam consists of a 120-multiple-choice exam, based on the NYC REMAC Prehospital Treatment, Triage & Transportation Protocols.  The exam has questions on General Operating Procedures, Treatment Protocols, Appendices and also Scenario based questions.  The exam may also include additional noncredit pilot questions. The test is limited to 3 hours and has a passing grade of 80%.

NYC REMAC credentialing is for three years and must be maintained in addition to the providers New York State DOH AEMT-P (Paramedic) Certification. Currently credentialed REMAC Paramedics may renew their credentialing by completing the REMAC Refresher Examination. REMAC Refresher exams are open to paramedics who meet CME requirements and whose REMAC certification is either current or expired less than 30 days. Candidates may attend an exam up to 6 months before their REMAC expiration date.

REMAC Basic exams are open to NYS DOH paramedics for initial REMAC certification, or paramedics who do not meet the REMAC CME requirements, or paramedics whose REMAC certifications is expired more than 30 days. Seating is limited. Registration must be postmarked by the deadline above. The exam fee is $100 payable by money order made out to NYC REMSCO. Email the NYC REMAC Liaison at [email protected] for instructions.

2022 REMAC Exam Calendar

Make note of the registration deadline for your desired exam, registration must be submitted prior to the registration deadline in order to be accepted into the exam. Walk-Ins are strictly PROHIBITED.


Seating is limited for all REMAC exams. Waiting till the last day to register may result in decertification due to exam dates being full.

To take the REMAC Refresher exam you need:

1.Photo identification
2.Current New York State paramedic certification card not on-site scoring results
3.CME letter from your primary service Medical Director (see below for details)
4.A New York City REMAC card that is current or expired less than 30 days


To take the REMAC Basic exam you must have all of the following with your application and exam fee:

1.Photo identification
2.Current New York State paramedic certification card not on-site scoring results
3.Proof of graduation within the last 12 months from a Paramedic Basic Program (graduationcertificate or letter from the program director)
3. CME Letter from your primary service Medical Director verifying completion of 72 hours of REMAC-required CME (see below for details)* If you have all of the above requirements , CLICK HERE to download the REMAC Basic application and follow the instructions. Pay close attention to the deadline to register.

CME Letter Requirements for NYC REMAC Certification

Consult your primary service Medical Director for any additional requirements. CME letters should indicate the following number of hours, per REMAC Advisory # 2007-11:

36 hours – Physician Directed Call Review

  • ACR/PCR Review
  • QA/QI SessioN
  • Emergency Department Teaching Rounds – Maximum of 18 hours

36 hours – Alternative Source CME hours – Maximum of 12 per subject

  • Journal CME
  • Symposiums / Conferences / Lectures
  • Clinical Rotations
  • Associated Certifications: e.g., BCLS / ACLS / PALS / NALS / PHTLS

*If you cannot submit the above CME requirements for the REMAC Refresher exam, a REMAC Provisional certification is available. The refresher candidate may attend the REMAC Basic exam for a temporary 6-month REMAC Provisional certification. Within 6 months of the Basic exam date, submit a CME letter from your primary service Medical Director to Kevin Ward, REMAC Liaison, to receive the full 37 months of REMAC paramedic certification from the date of exam. If you do not have a primary service Medical Director, submit proof of CME requirements to Kevin Ward, REMAC Liaison. Please submit proof of CME requirements at least 30 days before your REMAC Provisional expiration for review.

If you do not submit a CME letter or proof of CME requirements before the 6-month Provisional expiration date, you will be decertified by NYC REMAC as a regional paramedic. You will then have to repeat the REMAC Basic Exam process, including paying the fee, and submit either a CME letter or proof of CME requirements before being allowed to take the REMAC Basic exam.
Exam results are distributed at the end of the exam or mailed the following morning. New or replacement New York City REMAC paramedic certification cards are obtained from New York City REMSCO only. All inquiries regarding NYC REMAC paramedic cards should be directed to 212-870-2301 or [email protected]

Chair of REMAC Certification & Credentialing Committee:
Paul Barbabra, MD c/o REMAC Liaison
Office of Medical Affairs,
FDNY 9 Metrotech Center, 4th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201-3857

NYC REMAC Liaison:
Kevin Ward, EMT-P FDNY OMA REMAC Liaison
9 Metrotech Center, 4th Floor,  Brooklyn, NY 11201-3857
[email protected], Phone: 718-999-2671, Fax” 718-999-0142


Replacing a lost REMAC Credentialing Card

If you misplace or damage your NYC REMAC Credentialing Card you may request a re-issuance of your card online by clicking the “Request Replacement REMAC Card” button. There is a $10.00 processing fee for issuance of a Replacement REMAC Card.

You may also request a replacement REMAC card by mail by submitting a REMAC Duplicate Replacement Request Application with a $10 card replacement fee. The card replacement fee must be a money order made out to: NYC REMSCO.

Submit the application and fee to:

Regional EMS Council of NYC Inc.
ATTN: Dinna Tan, Q/A Coordinator
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 1929
New York, NY, 10115

The Regional EMS Council of New York City Inc. is a 401(c)3 Not for Profile Organization