CURRENT Transfer of Ambulance Operating Authority Applications

The Application for Transfer of Ambulance Service Operating Authority of Ambulnz Holdings LLC/ Ambulnz NY 3 LLC (0668) to Ambulnz-FMC North America LLC dba Ambulnz NY 3 LLC, operating authority in Five Counties of New York City

Public Notice:  PN_Ambulnz NY 3 LLC TOA Ambulnz-FMC North American LLC 11-06-19

Application for Transfer of Operating Authority: 

1 – Enclosure letter

2- Part 1A-Redacted Application Exhibits A & B

3 – Part 1B-Redacted Application Exhibits A & B

4 – Part 2A-Redacted Application Exhibits A & B

5 – Part 2B-Redacted Application Exhibits A & B

6 – Part 3A-Redacted Exhibits C-M

7 – Part 3B-Redacted Exhibits C-M

Preliminary Staff Review: REVIEW Ambulnz NY 3 LLC TOA Ambulnz-FMC North American LLC 11-04-2019