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2020 REMAC Advisories

2020-01 REMAC Advisory 2019-nCoV Virus 2020-02 REMAC Advisory 2020 Unified Protocols NOTICE:  See Advisory 2020-14 The NYC Unified Protocols which were originally expected for a July 1, 2020 implementation date have been delayed until January 1, 2021. REMAC Paramedic Exams are based on current protocols in use.  2020-03 REMAC Advisory Nebulized Medication Treatments 2020-04 REMAC Advisory...


2019 REMAC Advisories

2019-01 REMAC Advisory Updated Stroke Protocol 2019-01A REMAC Advisory Updated Stroke Protocol – Appendix R 2019-03 REMAC Advisory Glucagon correction 2019-04 REMAC Advisory MSTU 2019-05 REMAC Advisory RUMCSI Trauma Status Change 2019-06 REMAC Advisory RUMCSI Trauma Status Change 2019-07 REMAC Advisory RFT Awareness 2019-08 NYS DOH BLS Protocol Update 2019-09 Appendix O – Needle Decompression...


Protocol Public Notice

December 2019 Public Notice: Unified Protocols Comment due by January 13, 2020 December 2019 Public Notice Unified Protocols Announcement – Comment Form – Protocols September 2019 Public Notice: ET3  Comment due by October 18, 2019 September 2019 Public Notice ET3 GOP-Appendix and Comment Form and Protocols August 2019 Public Notice: Rescue Paramedic Protocols Comment due...


2018 REMAC Advisories

REMAC Advisory 2018-01 File: 2018-01 REMAC Advisory Modified START Triage REMAC Advisory 2018-02 File: 2018-02 REMAC Advisory Syringe Epinephrine for Basic EMTs REMAC Advisory 2018-03 File: 2018-03 REMAC Advisory BLS Glucometry Mandatory REMAC Advisory 2018-04 File: 2018-04 REMAC Hemostatic Dressings Approval REMAC Advisory 2018-05 File: 2018-05 Paramedic CME Modifications UPDATED REMAC Advisory 2018-06 File: 2018-06 REMAC Advisory...