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Determination of Public Need (CON) Ambulance Operating Authority Application

APPLICATIONS IN PROCESS: DETERMINATION OF PUBLIC NEED FOR EXPANSION OF AN EXISTING AMBULANCE SERVICE (April 2021) Bay Community Volunteer Ambulance Corps (7337) Status: Application deemed Complete Public Hearing May 26, 2021 via ZOOM Bay Community VAC Expansion CON Application REDACTED Public Notice BCVAC Expansion CON NYSDOH Competency & Fitness Request Bay Community VAC Public Hearing...


2018 REMAC Advisories

REMAC Advisory 2018-01 File: 2018-01 REMAC Advisory Modified START Triage REMAC Advisory 2018-02 File: 2018-02 REMAC Advisory Syringe Epinephrine for Basic EMTs REMAC Advisory 2018-03 File: 2018-03 REMAC Advisory BLS Glucometry Mandatory REMAC Advisory 2018-04 File: 2018-04 REMAC Hemostatic Dressings Approval REMAC Advisory 2018-05 File: 2018-05 Paramedic CME Modifications UPDATED REMAC Advisory 2018-06 File: 2018-06 REMAC Advisory...