2016 REMAC Advisories

NYC REMAC Advisory No. 2016-01
Termination of Prehospital Hypothermia

At the December 2015 meeting of the New York State Emergency Medical Advisory Committee (SEMAC), it was determined that prehospital Hypothermia Therapy would be discontinued. SEMAC and the NYS Department of Health removed hypothermia therapy from the prehospital protocols based upon study data identifying no evidence that this therapy was effective as a pre-hospital treatment. It was also shown that no harm was attributed to this treatment.

The use of Prehospital Hypothermia Therapy was restricted to municipal 911 System ALS personnel.

All personnel working in, or as part of the municipal 911 System should refer to FDNY Office of Medical Affairs Directive 2015-20 (Discontinuance of NYC Project Hypothermia, 12/29/15), “Effective Tour 1, Friday January 1, 2016, therapeutic hypothermia in the prehospital setting shall be discontinued.”

File: 2016-01 REMAC Advisory Termination of Prehospital Hypothermia.pdf

REMAC Advisory No. 2016-02
2016 Protocol Revisions

July 1 ,2016 implementation date, sunset September 1, 2016
File: 2016-02 REMAC Advisory 2016 Protocol Revisions.pdf

REMAC Advisory 2016-03
Correction ALS Pediatric Protocol 550

July 1 ,2016 implementation date, sunset September 1, 2016
File: 2016-03 REMAC Advisory Correction ALS Pediatric Protocol 550.pdf

REMAC Advisory 2016-04
Maimonides Medical Center Trauma Status
File: 2016-04 REMAC Advisory Maimonides Medical Center Trauma Status.pdf

REMAC Advisory 2016-05
ALS Medical Director requirements
File: 2016-05 REMAC Advisory ALS Medical Director requirements.pdf

REMAC Advisory 2016-06 ALS Protocols 511, 528 & 529
File: 2016-06 REMAC Advisory ALS Protocols 511, 528 & 529.pdf

REMAC Advisory 2016-08 Revised Haz Tac Protocols
File: 2016-08 REMAC Advisory Revised Haz Tac Protocols.pdf